Garage48 Enable weekend

Garage48 Enabled weekend was so heartwarming and full of wonderful people with wonderful ideas about how to improve the lives of disabled people. Hopefully we can see some great products coming out in the near future.

For us the event turned out to be better than we could have imagined. Although it was meant for building applications, we managed to get a team together and work on our prototype. We got some help from an experienced C++ programmer Alvar Udras and we got our own superstar on board – Jakob Rosin. Jakob got the Most Inspirational Person Award that Garage48 gave out the first time ever. Jakob is 19 years old and has been blind his whole life, nevertheless he is super active and independent. He had a really important role in our team during the weekend as the representative of our target group. We are really excited to continue collaborating with him to improve our product.

Over the weekend we also opened our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Now you can follow us there as well:

On Garage48 webpage you can find a video with all the ideas that were developed during the weekend.

Below you can see some pictures that we managed to take at the event ourselves.

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