One step closer

3 winners of EIT Digital Idea Challenge standing proudly with their trofees

EIT Digital Idea Challenge winners

The past months we have worked really hard to test our prototypes and go further with the product development. We have received constructive feedback from the first three testers and are in full gear to make the SEMU hub even better.

On 4. November we got a small reward on the way. Margit presented us well in Berlin and the jury of EIT Digital Idea Challenge awarded us with the 3rd place. We are again one step closer to the market.

Introducing SEMU

SEMUWe are excited to announce the launch of Extra Leg´s new brand name SEMU and website

SEMU, the estonian word for “buddy” incorporates the idea of friendliness that we think technology should have and it connects to the nordic roots of our team. At SEMU we are creating friendly and accessible systems that helps visually impaired people to make their homes safer and more efficient.

God morgen Norge og takk!

Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially SightedWe had a pleasure to visit Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (Norges Blindeforbund) and Adaptor (Adaptor Hjelpemidler AS). Mr Arnt Holte and Mr. Bjørn Haugen gave us a warm welcome and made our visit a great experience.

We were glad to gain a better understanding about Norwegian market, about what help visually impaired in Norway get and what role Adaptor and Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted play in it. It was inspiring to see that Adaptor does not only sell aids but also works on promoting universal design and is developing its own products. We got some positive feedback to our product and useful contacts for the future.

We also had a chance to meet some potential users and had very useful discussions around our product. We are thankful to all the people who participated and contributed with great ideas.

Overall the visit was priceless for us and it was only the beginning. We have some more exciting news coming on the way.

Garage48 Enable weekend

Garage48 Enabled weekend was so heartwarming and full of wonderful people with wonderful ideas about how to improve the lives of disabled people. Hopefully we can see some great products coming out in the near future.

For us the event turned out to be better than we could have imagined. Although it was meant for building applications, we managed to get a team together and work on our prototype. We got some help from an experienced C++ programmer Alvar Udras and we got our own superstar on board – Jakob Rosin. Jakob got the Most Inspirational Person Award that Garage48 gave out the first time ever. Jakob is 19 years old and has been blind his whole life, nevertheless he is super active and independent. He had a really important role in our team during the weekend as the representative of our target group. We are really excited to continue collaborating with him to improve our product.

Over the weekend we also opened our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Now you can follow us there as well:

On Garage48 webpage you can find a video with all the ideas that were developed during the weekend.

Below you can see some pictures that we managed to take at the event ourselves.

How to start a business: Start Talks

SEB Estonia offered us a great opportunity to participate in their campaign called Start Talks to encourage entrepreneurship. Here is a short story about who we are, what we do and some tips from us for other start-uppers.

Also check out an article on SEB webpage about what have been our important lessons so far as young entrepreneurs.

Extra Leg in PESA

Autumn 2013 started successfully – we were accepted to a virtual product development programme called PESA, in Creative Estonia. It was half a year of trainings and learning about what it means to be an entrepreneur and how to start a company. This was our first step towards turning our idea into a product and creating a business out of it.

During our time in PESA we gave a small interview to Creative Estonia. The article is in Estonian and can be found on Creative Estonia’s web page.

PESA ended with an exhibition and a catalog that can also be seen at Creative Estonia’s web page.