How to start a business: Start Talks

SEB Estonia offered us a great opportunity to participate in their campaign called Start Talks to encourage entrepreneurship. Here is a short story about who we are, what we do and some tips from us for other start-uppers. Also check out an article on SEB webpage about what have been our important lessons so far as young entrepreneurs. Read more →

Extra Leg in PESA

Autumn 2013 started successfully – we were accepted to a virtual product development programme called PESA, in Creative Estonia. It was half a year of trainings and learning about what it means to be an entrepreneur and how to start a company. This was our first step towards turning our idea into a product and creating a business out of… Read more →

Ajujaht competition is on!

In March 2014 we participated in a TeamLab Startup Weekend to futher develop our product during 2 days. We met lots of wonderful people, awesome mentors and got some valuable feedback about our project. Also we got awarded with a place in top 40 at Ajujaht, which is the biggest entrepreneurship contest in Estonia . Can’t wait to see what… Read more →