Home control device for visually impaired people

SEMU designs devices for visually impaired and blind people that enable them to use home automation systems to make their homes safer and more efficient. By connecting to pre-existing sensors, the central device gives audio feedback, allowing blind and visually impaired people to use existing technology to secure their homes. When leaving the house, the user presses a button on the wall and is told if a window is open or an electrical appliance is on, and can turn off appliances directly from the device.

One step closer

The past months we have worked really hard to test our prototypes and go further with the product development. We have received constructive feedback from the first three testers and are in full gear to make the SEMU hub even better. On 4. November we got a small reward on… Read more →

Introducing SEMU

We are excited to announce the launch of Extra LegĀ“s new brand name SEMU and website www.semu.co. SEMU, the estonian… Read more →